More Clockwork Canada Inspiration (Specifically Canadian Things)

Some people and historical things authors might want to explore or draw on for Clockwork Canada:

  • The Canadian railroad and the western expansion (including the treatment of aboriginal peoples and immigrants)
  • Inventors like Elijah McCoy and Alexander Graham Bell & Mabel Bell
  • Steampunked Canadian myths/legends/folklore (Wendigo, the Flying Canoe, the Ogopogo, etc.)
  • The Gold Rush
  • The Acadian Deportation
  • Canadian rebellions (Upper and Lower Canada, North-West)
  • Tecumseh and his Pan-Indian Movement, and aboriginal contributions to the War of 1812 in general
  • The Charlottetown Conference of 1864 (what if the Maritime provinces, then colonies, had united after all?)
  • Newfoundland and the Confederation
  • The Underground Railroad
  • Coal mining and petroleum production in Canada (the natural resources that frequently feed steampunk machinery)
  • Canadian disasters (railroad accidents, city fires like those in Quebec City, St. John’s, and Saint John in the 19th century, the Halifax Explosion)
  • Lumber barons and the timber trade
  • Voyageurs and coureurs des bois

While I am happy to see alternate history, stories do not necessarily need to explore an actual historical event—I will consider stories so long as they are set in Canada and explore steampunk. As I mentioned in the guidelines, I also welcome the use of historical periods other than the 19th century. Stories that make use of a combination of the fantastic and the mechanical are also welcome.

And here’s a previous inspiration post with stories, resources, and music.

Submission guidelines are here.

2 thoughts on “More Clockwork Canada Inspiration (Specifically Canadian Things)

  1. Good morning…I would like to send you my short story with respect to Canada-Anthology but I can’t find how to send it to you. Would you kindly
    give me an e-mail address. Thank You, Richard Wallace


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