Clockwork Canada ToC Live at Black Gate

The Clockwork Canada: Steampunk Fiction table of contents is now live at Black Gate. View it! Share it! Here’s a description of the anthology:

Clockwork Canada runs the gamut of steampunk, showcasing a wide variety of genre elements, from purely technological contraptions to combinations of the mechanical and magical. The stories in the anthology reimagine important Canadian historical events, provide us with alternate Canadas, and gather inspiration from the Canadian landscape to make us wonder: what if history had gone a different way?

Clockwork Canada will contain fifteen stories; all are steampunk, and all are set in Canada. The anthology will be published in April 2016 and retail at $19.95 CAD.

A big thanks to the wonderful John O’Neill at Black Gate for hosting the ToC!

(And yes, that is the cover for a previous Exile Editions anthology, Dead North. The Clockwork Canada cover is not yet available for release.)

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