Clockwork Canada Release and Reviews

Clockwork Canada is now officially out in the world. It is available for purchase from all the usual places, including Indigo-Chapters,,, as well as direct from the publisher.


We had a mini-launch for the book at the Ad Astra conference in North Toronto. There were a good number of people in attendance, and the book was one of the top sellers for the bookseller at the conference. The readers in attendance were (from the left) Claire Humphrey, Kate Heartfield, Charlotte Ashley, and Kate Story. (That’s me in the middle).




Clockwork Canada also received a very detailed review on, and the reviewer, Haralambi Markov, loved the book! He wrote that the “anthology is a true delight that hits on my favorite things in fiction—curious worldbuilding, magic, and tough women taking charge. It’s a carefully curated adventure in short fiction that stays true to a particular vision while seeking and achieving nuance.” It’s very exciting to get such a positive review from a major source like!

Steampunk Canada also reviewed the book positively, writing that “Each story is very unique and the authors have done a lovely job of bringing to life an alternate Canadian history.”

Definitely a good start for the book! I’ve been told more reviews will appear from other venues later in the month, so I’m looking forward to reading those.


Finally, we’ll be having an official Toronto launch at Supermarket Restaurant and Bar on Tuesday, May 10th from 5:45 to 9:00. Reading begin at 7:00. We’ll have six readers for the event: Charlotte Ashley, Terri Favro, Tony Pi, Claire Humphrey, Rati Mehrotra, and Karin Lowachee. Clockwork Supermarket lr.jpg

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