Still More Clockwork Canada Reviews

New Clockwork Canada reviews have appeared in two lovely places: one in the print edition of Quill & Quire, and the other in Broken Pencil: the Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts.

The Quill & Quire reviewer wrote that the stories are “overall, an unfettered delight to read.” The review closes with: “While the immersion in steampunk tropes and milieux will no doubt be enthusiastically embraced by devotees of the genre, Clockwork Canada isn’t insular, and will welcome most any reader possessed of an adventurous mind.

Broken Pencil had some lovely things to say about the book, and like many of the other reviews we’ve had so far the reviewer was quite happy about the focus on Canadian history and culture: “The collection is saturated with Canadian wilderness imagery that we as Canadian readers cannot help but feel at home in, and employs themes of nationalism while also questioning what we think we know about Canadian history. In Clockwork Canada, Canadian history is reworked with fantasy and imagined mechanical invention, while also facing the reality of immigration and hostility in a country that now prides itself on freedom and multiculturalism.” This review also had a nice closer: Steampunk makes a refreshing return to the literary scene in Clockwork Canada, an intriguing and imaginative read.”

It’s been really terrific to see how well the book is doing with reviewers.


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