2016 Award Eligibility

I’ll do a more comprehensive year’s end review at a later time, but here’s a roundup of the material I published this year. In terms of my own work, I only published a single short story and an essay. My real focus this year was on the anthologies, The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales (co-edited with Navah Wolfe) and Clockwork Canada: Steampunk Fiction, and this post is really with those in mind.

The Starlit Wood is available to SFWA members voting for the Nebulas on the SFWA forum. Voting runs from November 15 to February 15, and Active and Associate members of SFWA may submit nominations through the online ballot.


 My Work

From The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales

In the Desert Like a Bone Seanan McGuire Short story
Underground Karin Tidbeck Short story
Even the Crumbs Were Delicious Daryl Gregory Short story
The Super Ultra Duchess of Fedora Forest Charlie Jane Anders Short story
Familiaris Genevieve Valentine Short story
Season of Glass and Iron Amal El-Mohtar Short story
Badgirl, the Deadman, and the Wheel of Fortune Catherynn M. Valente Short story
Penny For a Match, Mister? Garth Nix Short story
Some Wait Stephen Graham Jones Short story
The Thousand Eyes Jeffrey Ford Short story
Giants in the Sky Max Gladstone Short story
The Briar and the Rose Marjorie Liu Novelette
The Other Thea Theodora Goss Novelette
When I Lay Frozen Margo Lanagan Short story
Pearl Aliette de Bodard Novelette
The Tale of Mahliya and Mauhub and the White-Footed Gazelle Sofia Samatar Short story
Reflected Kat Howard Short story
Spinning Silver Naomi Novik Novelette

From Clockwork Canada: Steampunk Fiction

La Clochemar Charlotte Ashley Short story
East Wind in Carall Street Holly Schofield Short story
The Harpoonist Brent Nichols Short story
Crew 255 Claire Humphrey Short story
The Curlicue Seahorse Chantal Boudreau Short story
Strange Things Done Michael Wojcik Novelette
Buffalo Gals Colleen Anderson Short story
Our Chymical Séance Tony Pi Short story
The Seven O’Clock Man Kate Heartfield Short story
The Tunnels of Madness Harold R. Thomson Short story
Let Slip the Sluicegates of War, Hydro-Girl Terri favro Short story
Equus Kate Story Short story
Gold Mountain Karin Lowachee Short story
Komagata Maru Rati Mehrotra Short story
Bones of Bronze, Limbs like Iron Rhea Rose Short story

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