Uncanny Magazine / Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter LIVE

Uncanny Magazine’s Year 4 / Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction went live on Monday and….. Year 4 is already funded. That’s right, in a matter of days funding for the Magazine’s next year is already secured. Does that mean our work is done? Hardly.

For one, the Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction double issue is the first stretch goal. We have yet to reach that goal! And then there are all manner of other excellent stretch goals, the most exciting of which (for me) is the final $45,000 goal where we would get physical copies of Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction. The previous Destroy series (Women, Queers, PoC) with Lightspeed all secured enough funding for physical copies, and I would love to do the same with this issue. Those were all fantastic projects, and personally I would be thrilled to have Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction next to them on my shelf.

So, if you haven’t already checked out the Kickstarter, please do! Every day Uncanny is releasing a new essay by a disabled artist, each one specifically for this project. We have a lot to offer with the double issue, and all the essays running throughout the Kickstarter, so check back often!

(Uncanny will also have another special issue in year 4 – a Shared-World Dinosaur Themed issue with some stellar writers. It’s going to be really cool.)

So, cause for celebration, but we also still have work to do!

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