More Writing

2018 continues to be a productive year for me. My essay “Cracks in the viewscreen”, about editing Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction and the future of genre fiction, will be published in the next issue of Quill & Quire! Q&Q has been such a wonderful resource to me over the years, and I’m thrilled to have my essay there. I’m hugely grateful to Sue Carter for inviting me to contribute.

I’m still writing poetry, and hoping to add a few more poems to my chapbook with Frog Hollow Press. I’ve had some poetry acceptances in the last month, and a few publications.

My poem “After convulsing in public” will be published in Poetry Pause, the new poem-a-day program by The League of Canadian Poets. In a strange turn of events, I had a violent convulsive episode on the streetcar Wednesday, and the next day I received word that the poem had been accepted. The universe is weird sometimes.

My poem “MRI, or The New Art of Anthropomancy” will be published by Atticus Review in November. Atticus is a great American journal, and I’m thrilled to have my poem there.

“Side effects may include strangers” recently appeared in Train: a poetry journal. Unfortunately there was a little mixup and my name was the only one omitted from the cover, but I’m in there! Train is publishing terrific work, including this gut punch of a poem by Shazia Hafiz Ramji, and I’m thrilled to my have work with them. Another poem, “The Eganville Healer’s Compound”, will be published by Train in November. More on that one later.

I also had two poems published in Wordgathering: “Old young man” and “Degeneration”. Wordgathering constantly publishes great work by disabled authors, and it means a great deal to me to have work there.

Otherwise, I’m still writing and editing. Part 2 of Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction will be online shortly, and I’ll do a post about that project shortly.

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