A long overdue update

So. Much. Has. Happened.

Awards might be a good place to start?

Uncanny Magazine / Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction has been nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Magazine. The Hugo. That’s wild. I’m so happy for the folks at Uncanny, and for all the contributors to Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction. Especially my co-editor in chief Elsa Sjunneson-Henry and the rest of our DPDSF crew: Nicolette Barischoff (Personal Essays), S. Qiouyi Lu (Poetry), and Judith Tarr (Reprints). It’s a wonderful list of finalists, which you can find here. So many thanks to Lynne & Michael Thomas for trusting us with this project.

Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction has also been nominated for the Aurora Award for Best Related Work. Again, I’m damn happy for our crew. It’s another terrific group of finalists. One of the DPDSF essay, “Constructing the future” by Derek Newman-Stille, has also been nominated in the Best Fan Writing and Publications category.


Robots vs Fairies, which I co-edited with Navah Wolfe, has been nominated for both the Shirley Jackson Award and the Locus Award for Best Anthology. In both cases stories from the anthology have also been nominated. “Adriftica” by Maria Dahvana Headley has been nominated for the Shirley Jackson in the Novelette category. For the Locus, “Quality Time” by Ken Liu is up in the Novelette section and “The Bookcase Expedition” by Jeffrey Ford is up for the Short Story category.

Numerous stories from the books have also been also reprinted Year’s Best anthologies:

  • The Best Science Fiction of the Year – ed. Neil Clarke
    • All the Time We’ve Left to Spend, Alyssa Wong (RvsF)
    • Heavy Lifting, A.T. Greenblatt (DPDSF)
    • The Buried Giant, Lavie Tidhar (RvsF)
  • The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year – ed. Jonathan Strahan
    • The Bookcase Expedition, Jeffrey Ford (RvsF)
    • Quality Time, Ken Liu (RvsF)
    • The Blue Fairy’s Manifesto, Annalee Newitz (RvsF)
  • The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror, ed Paula Guran
    • Second to the Left, and Straight On, Jim C. Hines (RvsF)
    • Just Another Love Song, Kat Howard (RvsF)
  • The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy – ed. Rich Horton
    • The Buried Giant, Lavie Tidhar (RvsF)
    • A House by the Sea, P. H. Lee (DPDSF)
  • The Year’s Top Robot Stories – ed. Allan Kaster
    • The Blue Fairy’s Manifesto, Annalee Newitz (RvsF)


On a more personal side, my story “The River Street Witch” from Alice Unbound (Exile Editions), edited by Colleen Anderson, has also made the longlist for the Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic in the short story category. The story is quite a dark exploration of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (Todd’s Syndrome), which I experience (I even wrote an essay about it for Uncanny Magazine a few years ago). The full list of nominees is available here, and it includes so many friends and colleagues.

Writing news. I’ve been very busy and productive over the last few months with my writing. It’s an exciting time as I’m generating a lot of different work across genres, and a lot of it seems to be resonating with people. I’m also hard at work on the poetry collection, which is nearing completion. All of the following pieces have been accepted in the last few months or were recently published:

  • Creative nonfiction/essays
    • I’m sorry, mon ami – The Humber Literary Review, forthcoming
    • The Dark Room – The Fiddlehead, forthcoming
    • My body exists in another language – Hamilton Arts & Letters, (Canadian Disability Poetics issue), forthcoming
    • The Visions Take their Toll: Disability and the Cost of Magic – Disabled People Destroy Fantasy, forthcoming
  • Poetry
    • my partner makes of me a poem – PRISM International, forthcoming
    • Let us for a moment call this pain by other words – BOAAT, forthcoming
    • Un docteur anglophone traduit les inquiétudes de son patient avec Google / An English speaking doctor translates the concerns of his patient with Google, Riddle Fence – forthcoming
    • The body calls for guests – Arc Poetry Magazine, forthcoming
    • He plays the spoons, The Antigonish Review, forthcoming

    • Upkeep, The Antigonish Review, forthcoming

    • Inside story, Plenitude
    • other body prayerGlass: A Poetry Journal (Poets Resists)

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